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Boy, do I love the Xfiles...

Okay, let me tell you about ME!My name's Bobbie and i absolutely adore the xfiles, Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson. They are, for lack of better word, My Heros. Now while I'm at it, let me tell you what this page is about. It's dedicated to all those hard-working shippers out there. But not to worry, you poor folks who can't decide what you want! Ginger(you can email her at and I have a little group we call the SFSU, which stands for the Shippy Fence Sitters United. Email me at if you want to find out what we're about, or if you want to be on our mailing list! Okie...So this page contains a bunch of links i have gathered over my years on the internet. So i guess you can call this a time-waster page. If you have nothing to do, i have a couple suggestions, which i will put in hyperlink form for ya!And once you've been there, done that, i suggest you make your own page by becoming a tripod member. It's really great. I know i probably sound like a gimmick for tripod, but it really is a good service, i highly reccomend it. Most everything's free! Okay, and... on this page shall ye hopefully find some really nice shippery pics. I wish thee well! here come the links... (my favorite part!) But first, PLEASE (i'm begging on my knees, here!!!) sign my guestbook! I'll love you forever!!! Wait, here's some advise- sign the book or... Mulder and Scully will shoot you! hehehe=)

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Some of the awesomest sites on this network of buzzing electrons through a wire(web, in other words)

TVGuide Entertainment Network
This is where i get my daily dish of gossip, plus a BUNCH of Xfiles stuff. Gotta hand it to TVGuide, they love our show ;)
E! entertainment network
This is also a good source for entertainment buzz, and the have a few xfiles stuff, too.
Lauren's XFiles Page!
This page has some great link, i love it, and kudos to Lauren on a job well done!
Xfiles sound gallery
One of the best sites for awesome xfile waves! Gotta love this ;)
Ralph's Xfiles Download page
Okay, here's something i just bookmarked, has some great desktop stuff, icons, screen savers, the works!
Xfiles: Fight The Future Picture Page
Has some nice pics to download, but warning, if you d/l them, they're actual size.(At least with me they were)
Oops, someone's page, i forgot whose...
Good Xfiles page with some really cool links! And you *know* I love my links!
The MovieGarden- Xfiles Pics from the movie
AAAAGH, Heaven! what else can i say? I know what... where do these people get these pics from? Well at least they have them.And they're downloadable! ye-ha!
Entertainment weekly online!
We all know that EW loves Xfiles! And they have lots of xfiles stuff for the pleasure of our phile eyes!
Gillian Anderson House Of Worship
Great, great, let me emphasize for you, *GREAT* Gillian page!
Xfiles Links!
Okay, please pay no attention to the first link on the page. scroll down to find xfile links.
The Xfiles Studio
One of my absolute faves! A really really really good page!
Sarah's The ultimate Shipper Page
What can I saw about this site? it is so incredibly amazing. A MUST-have-bookmarked for EVERY shipper. she's got it all and she is my idol. <bowing to Sarah>
Welcome To The Shippy Fence Sitter Club!
This is my other site that I made with Ginger( I give her 95% credit! Anyways, please look at it and PLEASE don't laugh!
My Page Of XFiles Movie/Series Shippy Pics
Well, there seems to be but two pics on the page... I for some odd reason can't upload art files through AOL, but go and show your support anyways by signing my guestbook! Thanks!
Bobbie's World of XFiles!
This is another one of my pages with some other gret links! Please, go visit!
The Official XFiles site
The best official way to get xfiles stuff--make that the *only* official ways to get xfiles spoilers and upcoming episodes...

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OKAY, now for the important stuff. Email me if anything on here isn't working. NOW---"Xfiles" and "The Xfiles:Fight The Future" and Mulder and Scully do not belong to me =( unless of course i were married to Chris Carter, which I'm not, so phooey. They belong to him, Fox TV, and 1013 productions. if you're from fox and you don't like these pics on my site and want me to take them down, EMAIL ME FIRST at the link provided above and tell me which pics you don't wish me to have on my page before you decide to sue me, because i would far rather take those pics down than be sued. Besides, if you *do* sue me, you won't even make your money's worth, believe me, I am NOT worth sueing. And Another thing: I am making no money off this page. Okay? If anything, i'm paying for it. But, I realize, FOX isn't making any money off it either, so if ya wanna shut me down, go ahead. Just remember, i've got your link on here.Just a few more reasons not to sue me ;)